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K & R

Marine K&R insurance will indemnify the ship-owner for the consequential losses that arise as a direct result of a demand for a ransom payment that follows illegal threats or actions taken by an aggressor such as a Somali pirate against the insured ship- owner, their vessel or crew.

Risk Management

The maritime business is a high profile industry with potential for catastrophic losses. Whether the risk relates to; ship repair and maritime construction risk, general average, natural catastrophes, delay in start-up, war risks, terrorism, coastal marine operations, inventory, or the myriad of other risks, our experts are on hand to provide insight and solutions to […]

End to End Claims Management

Handling claims in today‚Äôs environment is complex. There are larger losses, and increased pressure to handle claims more cost effectively with a higher degree of customer service. But many organizations are still handling their claims with old, outdated, and fragmented systems leading to inefficient claim processing, improper payments, inconsistent service, and poor decision making. With […]