Capt. Ashok Kumar Shrivastava

A master mariner by profession with 21 years of sailing experience of which 8 years in command on foreign flag ships. Began his shore assignment in the year 2000 with Hyundai Merchant Marine. Set up HMM’s own offices across India in 2005 and worked as the country manager for HMM until 2007.

Set up the shipping division of Jindal Saw when the steel maker made a foray into coastal shipping and inland waterways. Served as the “Business Head” of the unit until 2009. From 2010 to early 2016, was the CEO of the shipping division of Allcargo Logistics Limited and conceptualized, executed and set up the shipping division of the Integrated Logistics Company as part of its diversification plan. In march 2016 set up own venture looking into chartering & broking, Marine projects, Sale and purchase, heavy lift transportation and Consultancy and advisory.

Capt. Shrivastava has a wide and varied experience covering all aspects of shipping. Has a special penchant for new venture and projects & Sale and purchase of ships. He Identified, negotiated, and acquired 12 ships and 2 inland vessels for coastal trade in last decade for JITF and Allcargo and put them into service on the Indian coast after completing all registration and statutory process.

Capt. Shrivastava is well versed with P&I, insurance and claims matter having been the head of two different commercial shipping ventures.